Saturday, October 3, 2009


yesterday..Im going out.. I used to buy food from fast food cafe or sumthing.. and its really2 make me broke..
so I decide to pack some lunch..
but not just ordinary lunch. I pack it and make it became bento..
you know bento.. that pack of lunch that usually made by japanese people, and always came out in anime and manga?

well I made some, and try to make it look pretty and stuff.. but epic failed.. its hard man!
haha here is what I came up with..

Its omelet, rice mold with carrot, fried rice mold, cucumber, tomato, and sweet beef stew (teriyaki beef? )

this is not my first attempt to make bento, and I know its not the last.. :D
so I googling and serch for inspiration..

I found it in here..

making bento are sure hard.. but its so damn fun..
beside everybody said than the taste of my cooking is great.. seeing their face when eating my cook make me so damn Happy..

yesterday Im going to go to the dentist..just to checking out my teeth.. maybe I will pack some lunches again and eat it with my friends.. :)


Anonymous said...

oh wooow its really look delicious

Celeste84 said...

ah so that's what it was! looks very yummy RC! wish i could have tried some LOL

macangadungan said...

arrrgghhhh. ngiler gue....
baru2 ini nyoba resto jepang murah di bekasi. onigiri isi ayam 5000 dapet 2. duh norak deh gue. pertama kalinya gue makan onigiri XDDD

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ celeste : you should take a look the link I gave.. its plenty of great Bento,. its amazing is so beautiful I wonder how people feels when eat the bento.. @_@

@macan: onigiri ituh nasi kepal, sodaranyah lontong dan lemper.. kalo jaman dulu.. abis masak nasi ngepul2 anget, dikasih garem dikit terus dikepal2.. dimakan langsung.. uenaknyaaaaaa

wah mauk dong resto murah.. +_+

5000 dapet dua lumayan banget tuuuh
onigiri kan gede

Celeste84 said...

XD chie, i did have a good look at that link LOL

now i feel like getting a bento box and making bentos for work!