Monday, October 26, 2009

REVISION, again and again..

do you like revision?

I dont..

life will be so much easier without this.. *lol* naaah just kiding.. I know revision is an important part of drawing. very important indeed because its help you to make your skill and your drawing, became better and better again right?

but some time, I hate the revision, especially when it came from work.. a cheap payment work to..
I feel like.. how dare they gave me such a revision for such a low paying jobs.. *sigh*

I hate when the client cannot say what is in mind, dunno what the hell they want me to draw, just thingking, maybe this good, try this.. or no try that.. I want it like this...


seriously, made up your mind will you, and if you cannot, please describe what you want clearly so I can understand.. *geez*

aand the most upsetting part is.. the work are all been approved. but then you see sumthing wrong.. and hey.. draw it all over again will you? fix this part..

WHAT THE HEll?? why dont you just say it form the beginning if you don't like that part.. whyyy I have to fix it all over again when its all already done GODDAMMIT!??

and all you can say is sorry..sorry..sorry.. blah!
pay me more if you say you sorry..+_+


that kinda stuff really ticking my nerve.. make me upset! damn.. I know its minor revision.. but if its still continue like this, I wont cooperate anymore.. nuff said!


Celeste84 said...

chie, for low paying jobs, why not make it a part of the contract that only 3 revisions are allowed prior to approval, and that once the work has been approved that's it - no more changes??

Ncus said...

You gotta learn more about client types. Not all clients act like dumbass, only a few act like dumbass. It's just how you counter the, to make your work less revision and alterations.

Read this:

Stop being a fine artist and start being a freelancer. Anything bad won't be burden to your back when you are act and think like a freelancer.

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@celeste : yes Celeste, Im aware of that, the inside page haven't reach the limit revision yet, but for the cover.. they haven't decide what they want so its makes the work progress slow.. and I cant work if they still dunno what they want to draw right?
the revision is like 'no I want it like that...'and then ' its like this.. ' but Im really lost.. I have to push them to describe more details because they are so clueless. after I complain, than they gave me another editor to work with.. luckly the new one is work fine with me..

@ Ze : weird that this kinda case are only happen from a local client.. the system in local are somehow different. if the people in charge say everything is okay.. but when the bos came and said.. "i hate it,change it " the person in charge will ask me to change it to..
(heran deh, yang satu mauk gini yang satu mauk gitu, sekarang mah belajar dari pengalaman, tunggu ajah sampe bos ato klien yang paling menentukannya ngasih aproval.. editor ato manajer proyeknya kadang nggak bisa diandelin kalo soal selera, tetep hirarki yang nentuin .. =_=a )

btw thank you for the link.. I will take a look at it.. and I hope it help me became more better freelance artist.. XD

Celeste84 said...

chie, well, good luck with it then - hope the new editor works out better ^_^