Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chrismast Coloring book

this what Im struggling to finish for this past day, a coloring book for some local publisher..

this is the fourth time they ask me to made a coloring book, that is mean, I sort of useful for them right? XD.. the payment are pretty cheap for my range, but its okay because the task are very easy, the revision some how not make me want to slap the editor (sometimes) and I can work on this at my spare time because the deadline kinda sloooow like a snail.

most of all, I can save money for bad times,or just save it for the future..

but the problem is..
(why its have to be a problen in every task I working on? ^^ I wonder.. )

the drawings and everything are so damn boriiiing.. I dont have any mood or spirit to finish this all I might.. yes I think this job is piece a cake.. and its make me bored to death..
so the process are very..very slow.. its very humiliating seeing my work progess like this, I really wanted to slam myself to the floor for being such ignorant bastard, lazy, snob, and wasting time.. this is so not professional and I dont have good work ethics..

Im so lame I want to punish my self, blame my self and my reaction and response to this job, make me not proud for what I am.

this is humiliating ..

maybe you think Im to hard to myself..
and I know sumtimes its okay to feel lazy an bla bla bla if we finding a job that we dont like and whatever..

but the problem is..

I think..
if I have the courage to take this job, than I have to be ready for all the consequence, I have to be responsible..
and I supposed to take this job seriously, and working on it as best as I could..
most of all, the job I take supposed to make me happy.. if its not.. than what is the point I take the job..
be happy RC..


asna said...

what's the point I'm taking the job.. to pay mortgage :P

Celeste84 said...

i think you're thinking is good, but, i think that you're also too hard on yourself!

you just need to do something like say "I will do one page a day!" or "I will do one in the morning, and one at night" - that way you don't get too bored and you still get it done in time ^_^

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@asna : tha such a good idea! Xd lol, btw, I try to check your profile but its a broken link.. why?

@celeste : celeste dear.. Im to bored even to do one page a day.. =_=a.. that how lame I am.. ;_;

Celeste84 said...

o_o oh wow. well, you just have to make yourself do it! maybe do one page of it before anything else? then you have to get it done to get on to the more interesting work!