Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 days doodle meme

part one---> CLICK HERE

I almost forgottttt ahahahhaha XD I busy up with so many stuff I forgot about this meme thing.. :D

well this is day 6
fave books

Le petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

read it since Im junior high..a nd I keep crying every time I read this book.. >..<
so saadddd uuuuu Q_Q but its my fave book until now, I have list of my fave book, its a lot.. but this book are in my top list.. :D

Day 7
Fave Movie

what else? Lord of the Ring of couse.. i think until now, there no colossal fantasy and epic movie that could beat lord
of the ring.. I watch it so many times and it keep amaze me.. I want Peter Jackson to make Hobbit, and Similarian to...

well for this doodle I try o draw two tower.. but euh.. its suck.. XD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 days doodle meme

this is the 30 days doodle meme that I got from The Fifth Blog,the second I read Tezumo blog I instantly wanted to join..
like I dont have any better things to do.. XD but yeah.. I like to doodling so here it goes..

well this is my first day illustration
#draw yourself

this is me.I cut my hair, but haven't change any ID on the internet.. even my blog banner..^^; well maybe later.. btw that is the way I sit on my chair when I drawing, doodling, browsing and stuff.. Im not used to put my feet down and touch the floor.. because Im Sundanese and the floor are to cold to my feet.. XD

this is my second day attempt.. I supposed to draw my fave animal for the second day.. but I missread the rules and accidentally draw the 3rd day theme for the 2nd day.. oh well.. I just have to switch it right? so tomorrow I draw my fave animal instead.. :D

yess salmon sushi.. everybody around me already know that Im addicted with this food.. I dunno why.. *A* this food is not to healthy for your money pocket you know.. T_T

3rd Days
draw your fave animal

sorry for disappointing you for I not drawing a cat.. well because its weird a fave animal for cat is a cat. XD

this is a tribute for my hamster..yesterday 20 August 2010 she died.. TAT she is 2 old.. her name is Miu. this is not Miu of course she have diferent face yet she is from long hair dan red eyes Chinese Hamster, I failed to imagine how she look like, she is very small and skinny, yet very smart and hyper.. I loved her so.. I feel sorry I cant play with her much longer..

the 4th day
your Fave place.

my bed? *LOL
choosing my own bed as fave place is kinda suck.. so this is my second fave place I guess.

the entrance to book store.. :D haha
wrong perspective, weird shape.. doesn't look like the real thing at all..etec2.. well I hate to say this.. buy yeah im to lazy with background.. and c'mon.. its a doodle anyway.. dont to hard on me okay?? *A*
preaty pleaseeee...

day 5
best friend

if I have to draw all my best friend.. its going to be long and hard time to draw.. XD
so I just choose one. and that is.. well I think I dont have to explain who the following person is.. lotsa people already knew..
he is my teacher as well as my student, a partner and a rival.
he is my best friend.. and Im glad I have him on my side.. :)