Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 days doodle meme

part one---> CLICK HERE

I almost forgottttt ahahahhaha XD I busy up with so many stuff I forgot about this meme thing.. :D

well this is day 6
fave books

Le petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

read it since Im junior high..a nd I keep crying every time I read this book.. >..<
so saadddd uuuuu Q_Q but its my fave book until now, I have list of my fave book, its a lot.. but this book are in my top list.. :D

Day 7
Fave Movie

what else? Lord of the Ring of couse.. i think until now, there no colossal fantasy and epic movie that could beat lord
of the ring.. I watch it so many times and it keep amaze me.. I want Peter Jackson to make Hobbit, and Similarian to...

well for this doodle I try o draw two tower.. but euh.. its suck.. XD


N eu said...

howaaaaa little princenya jadi moe sekaliiiii!

Hinagi of Fox Cradle said...


Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ neu & Hinagi : sekalian latian bikin moe-moe an.. ^^;

sekali tepuk 3 lalat mati.. :D

Celeste84 said...

soooooo cute!!! what's the book about chie? (like, other than a little prince LOL)

Andrea Tezumo said...

kawaiii :D :D
he brings out the shotacon in me heuheehhe XD

ayo teh archie, lanjutkan! :D :D

raven said...

Maybe the cutest prince I've seen (>w<)
saya juga suka banget buku itu ♥

(menjawab pertanyaan sebelumnya, gambar raven dikumpulkan dulu sampai hari ke-30 baru dipost :D)