Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of The Year.

hello there everyone, how are you doing today?
I hope you are doing just fine..
because here..Im not.. ;A;

maybe because all that party from X-mast.
I go home very late, my sleep hours is ruining.
and because the weather are very awesomely extreme lately.

I got sick and got a flu *snoooort*

how great it is to welcome a new year with a coughing an boogey? LOL

anywey.. I dont want to sound searching for excuses.. but yeah.. because of this all my project are messed up!

everything are according to plan until I got sick.. =_=a
just when Im be able to ignore all distraction from the internet and focus on my work.. viola! I've got sick.. sheesh.
but I promise,in 2011 everything going to be much much better!

there is a resolution that I want to complete in 2011.I complete some in 2010 and I want it again... :D
writing a resolution is a good thing I guess so you know what your goal is.. :D so here it is.

1. be more productive and discipline.
2. more artwork and comic published.
3. launch a website.
4. start my own webcomic.
5. be more professional, and aim for international publicity
6. be more productive and focus in my art.
7. built my own studio.
8. own a house.
9. be more healthy and shape up.
10 more good deeds to people and care for my family more than ever.

maybe some of you think than My goal are to high to achieve. LOL
but that's okay, Im more of a optimist person. so I feel that my wishes, soon or later will becoming true just because I believe so.

and beside, its free to have wishes and dream right? so why not?

no matter it will be come true or not, the most important part is the journey and the process I gonna do to make it completed.. :D so I just try my best and enjoy the flow.
lets roll people!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Thigi Pencil Commission

commission for Thigi-Rang.
and your are the first one to see before I uploaded to DA.. I still have to make sure there is no revision first... XD

tools : Pencil in pothoshop. less than a hour each pic

its not over yet.. there is still 2 more to go, but right now I have to go home to my parents house.. my nephew say they miss me.. XD

Sunday, December 19, 2010

some scrible

so Im in the process on working on commission.
than I kinda feel wanna do sumthing else.. Omupied tell me I better doodling instead screwing on facebook.
so I did scribbling..
it took me 3 hours to make this messed up scribbling.. *A*
I hope someday I will be better :(
AND FASTER! (amiin)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

December project.

December Project .. damn its already the last month of the year..;A;
times fly really fast
*cry in the corner *
okay here are things I have to finish , and I hope I can finish it all in the end of the month, so I could embrace new year in empty handed.. :D

-Finishing 6 commission left.
-finishing 2 art gift left.
-Broken Winter chapter 5(ink and tone 18 page each )
-Barry project (20 pages more to go. )
-webcomic( the only fun thing to do for the end of the month..15 page)

I maybe slow.. but Im good... >_>

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

corel painter works 'AE'Houseki 'details,

another commission from Thigi-Rang
the full picture are right HERE

at first I want to upload the tutorial.. but I messed up with the process because I forgot to print screen some progress..
yeah silly me.. =_=a

well here is the parade of pretty and handsome people,enjoy!

hahaha baru ketahuan nih lehernyah bolong.. XD

Monday, November 15, 2010

Almost done..

I swear to God, I have to finish all of the page today. >..< and lets pray there will be no revision ... no more..*A*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Project (hands full)

what?? its November already???
damnnnnnn *slap myself*
okay here are things I have to finish ;A; (cries)
this month project:
-Finishing 8 commission left.
-finishing 4 art gift left.
-coloring children book from Erlangga publisher.(10 page left? argggh)
-Broken Winter chapter 5(sketch,ink and tone 18 page each )
-Barry project (how many pages? plenty.. DO NOT ASK. *faint )
-2 cover for local comic project.
-webcomic( the only fun thing to do for the end of the month..15 page)

you know those phrase, your eyes are to big for your stomach?
well in this case.. my brain is to big for my HAND..idont think that I ONLY have two arms.. ;A;
and for GOD SAKE I need someone to slap me hard!

or else..
A professional, manager!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Commission for Charity.

as some of you know, Indonesia are really having a hard time today.
we got nature disaster all over the place.
my home city Bandung even got an earthquake yesterday, luckily the earthquake are small and no one got injured. but the rumors said, their will be big earthquake coming ahead to my home city, that are so seriously scary.. *A*

But the condition are getting worse in Mentawai and Merapi.
Mentawai Island having so many earthquake in a day, and in 26 0cktober 2010 a tsunami flush the city, making hundreds of Victim and more people remain unknown,.

and in the next day, The Mount Merapi erupts,the hot clouds killing the people, and hundreds people refuge from their home to the safest shelter. the condition in there are pretty scary.. and I just heard from the news there are another eruption from the volcano. 3 times bigger than what happen in year 2006.

some of my friend decide to open a commission to collect a charity.
here if you want to help
Adriane Charity Commission
Osa Charity Commission
Bena Charity Commission

I also wanted to give charity commission to, but with so many piled work, I think I cant do that... ;A;

I pray for all the victim.. I hope God protect all of us.. ;A;

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raquach Commission

here is the finished pic-->Hollow Child

here is the step by step process.
Click the pic for more bigger preview.. ^^
tools : pencil sketch, anmd PainterXI
here is the sketch, made on a4 papper with pencil.

I put the sketch in different layer turn it into multiply mode,and color the back ground

choosing the colour first before I start to paint everything, just blocked the part I want with the color, becouse its a painting, I do it in one layer to make it simple.

give the shading and all.. as you can see, Im more focus on the girl side.. :P

well youi know the rest, just brush here and there,painting are sculpting and make sumthing have a 3D shape with color, its a hard thing, but doable.. just be patient.. :D

is the detail of the pic

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tukang ngeluh..

I don't have any mood to work today.. and my mind goes blank. so I decide to write a blog and see if it could help me a bit.
friend and people around me sez I should take time and rest instead of work.. maybe I get to much stress over working..
so right now I just sit around and read comic.
I hope tomorrow will be a new day for me..

tomorrow I want to go jogging in the morning, buy some fruit and some of my fave food.
I also wanted a have a sushi if I have tome to go to the restaurant.. or maybe a crab soup..

I don't have any problem in live, and everythng seem perfect and peaceful...
i don't get why I feel so bored and empty..

I think I need to read a good book.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ocktober project

this month project:
-Finishing 9 commission left.
-coloring children book from Erlangga publisher.
-Broken Winter.
-Barry project.
-local comic project.
- website?

busy.. busy.. busy....


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Steam Punk Bracelet (DIY)

actually its an old broken watch that I butcher so bad its become like this, I put a little bit accessory and jewelry inside it.. its very small maybe wont notice.. ^^;
but hell I like the result.. and will wear it with pride.. :D

approximately 3 hours butchering the watch, and it cost me zero dollars.. :D

another silly things I do to spend a holiday.. ^^

Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 days doodle meme

part one---> CLICK HERE

I almost forgottttt ahahahhaha XD I busy up with so many stuff I forgot about this meme thing.. :D

well this is day 6
fave books

Le petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

read it since Im junior high..a nd I keep crying every time I read this book.. >..<
so saadddd uuuuu Q_Q but its my fave book until now, I have list of my fave book, its a lot.. but this book are in my top list.. :D

Day 7
Fave Movie

what else? Lord of the Ring of couse.. i think until now, there no colossal fantasy and epic movie that could beat lord
of the ring.. I watch it so many times and it keep amaze me.. I want Peter Jackson to make Hobbit, and Similarian to...

well for this doodle I try o draw two tower.. but euh.. its suck.. XD

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 days doodle meme

this is the 30 days doodle meme that I got from The Fifth Blog,the second I read Tezumo blog I instantly wanted to join..
like I dont have any better things to do.. XD but yeah.. I like to doodling so here it goes..

well this is my first day illustration
#draw yourself

this is me.I cut my hair, but haven't change any ID on the internet.. even my blog banner..^^; well maybe later.. btw that is the way I sit on my chair when I drawing, doodling, browsing and stuff.. Im not used to put my feet down and touch the floor.. because Im Sundanese and the floor are to cold to my feet.. XD

this is my second day attempt.. I supposed to draw my fave animal for the second day.. but I missread the rules and accidentally draw the 3rd day theme for the 2nd day.. oh well.. I just have to switch it right? so tomorrow I draw my fave animal instead.. :D

yess salmon sushi.. everybody around me already know that Im addicted with this food.. I dunno why.. *A* this food is not to healthy for your money pocket you know.. T_T

3rd Days
draw your fave animal

sorry for disappointing you for I not drawing a cat.. well because its weird a fave animal for cat is a cat. XD

this is a tribute for my hamster..yesterday 20 August 2010 she died.. TAT she is 2 old.. her name is Miu. this is not Miu of course she have diferent face yet she is from long hair dan red eyes Chinese Hamster, I failed to imagine how she look like, she is very small and skinny, yet very smart and hyper.. I loved her so.. I feel sorry I cant play with her much longer..

the 4th day
your Fave place.

my bed? *LOL
choosing my own bed as fave place is kinda suck.. so this is my second fave place I guess.

the entrance to book store.. :D haha
wrong perspective, weird shape.. doesn't look like the real thing at all..etec2.. well I hate to say this.. buy yeah im to lazy with background.. and c'mon.. its a doodle anyway.. dont to hard on me okay?? *A*
preaty pleaseeee...

day 5
best friend

if I have to draw all my best friend.. its going to be long and hard time to draw.. XD
so I just choose one. and that is.. well I think I dont have to explain who the following person is.. lotsa people already knew..
he is my teacher as well as my student, a partner and a rival.
he is my best friend.. and Im glad I have him on my side.. :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Kinara from Garudayana.

okay.. Im still sick.. I've got fever and its so hard for me to stay working..
so for killing some times I just made this post.. :D
long time ago *lol*, my friend who are one of Indonesian comic artist Is Yuniarto. is having a birthday. and I promise him a fan art.

and Like always, if I draw him a fan art, I always choose his heroine character. XD his heroines character are cute and moe..
this time I will draw Kinara from Garudayana comic book.
a high spirited and energetic treasure hunter.

I want to experiment with the style, so I try to draw Kinara in cheesecake style.. you know like Adam Hughes art.. but my art is nuthing compare to Adam Hughes.. so.. uh.. well..
this is the result.

when I meet Isyun in person and we talked about this fanart, he said he love it,
I change some design and put Kinara weapon pocket in her thighs, and Isyun said its look very sweet..>///< haha
and the style is pretty cheese cake..
so I consider that as a compliment, and my plan to make Kinara as a cheesecake is kinda succeed.. yeaaay!:P
thank you for making me feel better Is! *lol*

and here is a detail shoot from kinara pic.. :D
the line art for this pic are not very tidy.. ^^;

at first I want to make the tutorial or step by step about this pic.. but I forgot.. ;_;Im terrible sorry.. maybe later eh?