Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Project (hands full)

what?? its November already???
damnnnnnn *slap myself*
okay here are things I have to finish ;A; (cries)
this month project:
-Finishing 8 commission left.
-finishing 4 art gift left.
-coloring children book from Erlangga publisher.(10 page left? argggh)
-Broken Winter chapter 5(sketch,ink and tone 18 page each )
-Barry project (how many pages? plenty.. DO NOT ASK. *faint )
-2 cover for local comic project.
-webcomic( the only fun thing to do for the end of the month..15 page)

you know those phrase, your eyes are to big for your stomach?
well in this case.. my brain is to big for my HAND..idont think that I ONLY have two arms.. ;A;
and for GOD SAKE I need someone to slap me hard!

or else..
A professional, manager!

1 comment:

Pichan said...

Woooaaaa~~~~ project project~~~ what's ur book title from Erlangga sist? May I know it? I need one :P