Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DilaNA digital coloring step by step

Almost forget to posted this because Im to occupied by my sculpting activity ^^ anyway this is DilaNA commission from DA, made the sketch in pencil, and finished with Ilust studio Enjoy

thank you for viewing ^^

Make my own Ball Jointed Dolls

After I entering this hobby, a ball jointed dolls, I really struggling with the urge to keep wanting to buy more dolls

right now I currently waiting another doll that I purchase to come to my house, I really dunnno how my parents will react, becouse when Nalika arrive, and they know the price, they  kinda disappointed with me, for I wasting so much money for something that are not primary necessity..
and I really understand about it, I grow up from thigh budget family, and we are not rich, our economy are better now, but we still use the pricipal not to waste money for sumting that are not really necessary.

and you know how there lotsa doll company out there, with so many beautiful dolls, after you buy your first doll, it seems Impossible NOT to buy another.. its like a curse, most of my acquaintance that also in this hobby have more that 5 dolls, and some even have more than 20.

keep buying dolls are not an option for me, even if I have the money, I cant let this kinda urge keep haunting me in my dreams... while at first I though buying only one doll is enough.. Im so naive... LOL

that why I have this ideas to made my own BJD, and what a luck, I stumble upon this tutorial.
and from that tutorial, I started to made my own BJD

the process are really-really tiring and hard.. also bloody because I always accidentally cut my thumb with ecto knife XD
for you who are wondering why BJD are so expensive. try to make one.. youll know why.

well then enough for the blabering, here is Uclit, Ucing Alit, a tinnies doll that Im currently working on ^^
yes he still under progress, I still have to sanding him and make him a jointed tails, and I hope in the end, cast him into resin :)
enjoy ^^

Ingridients : Living doll, Sanding paper ,rubber string, doll eyes, cutter,

Uclit still not assemble, and I haven't completed his hand part

trying to assemble Ucilt without a string

assembling Uclit

he now have a hand

he so tiny >///<

Uclit strike a pose XD

make a photostrories with Uclit

Uclit with Nalika

Thank you for viewing!!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bear or a Mouse?

yesterday I ask Nalika to do another photo-shot for me because I made her a new set of clothes.
especially because its rainy season here and the weather are getting colder.
she need somthing warm to wear,
so here is the wadrobes set

Nalika agree and getting ready with her wadrobe

she ready to go

I try to make bear coat, but my sister said the coat look like a mouse.. lol I dunno its a bear or a mouse but Im happy with how everything turnout thank you for viewing ^^

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dragon Painting, step by step

finally a post that are not related to my BJD XD
its been a while I'm not posting my work.. :P
I have plenty in my sleeve but always forgot to posted.

This one is already finish a week a go but I had a chance to posted it now. ^^a

Its started when my friend Kamikaze say he wanted to tried to commissioning me, and becouse he is a Dragon lover, of course he wanted me to draw his Persona a Blue Dragon of Wind.

its my first time someone commissioning me a Dragon, Im very nervous, but I try my best..
so I hope the result are worth the price :)

enjoy :
first of course I made the sketch manually, because its more comfort to me than doing sketch on computer.
Im  trying to compose the color, choosing the color that will make the Dragon look stand out, and desice the shade and lighting.

paiting the Dragon

detailing the dragon with small brush little by little

thank you for viewing ^^

Sailor Girl Nalika

to be honest.. I really dont satisfied with the Sailor suit I made earlier for Nalika, probably I like the design, but the way I sew it are all wrong.. its just sad to look at.
so I decide to made a new one. :D

here it is

The Design Concept

an here is the Tomboy version, Nalika feel much comfortable in this suit XD

at this time Im quite okay with the result, :D probably this is the last time Im doing a sailor suit again? I dunno there is lotsa design out there that I could get creative on it.
but I will stop for now, I dun wanna make Nalika feel bored LOL

Thank you verymuch for viewing :)