Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dragon Painting, step by step

finally a post that are not related to my BJD XD
its been a while I'm not posting my work.. :P
I have plenty in my sleeve but always forgot to posted.

This one is already finish a week a go but I had a chance to posted it now. ^^a

Its started when my friend Kamikaze say he wanted to tried to commissioning me, and becouse he is a Dragon lover, of course he wanted me to draw his Persona a Blue Dragon of Wind.

its my first time someone commissioning me a Dragon, Im very nervous, but I try my best..
so I hope the result are worth the price :)

enjoy :
first of course I made the sketch manually, because its more comfort to me than doing sketch on computer.
Im  trying to compose the color, choosing the color that will make the Dragon look stand out, and desice the shade and lighting.

paiting the Dragon

detailing the dragon with small brush little by little

thank you for viewing ^^

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