Monday, December 20, 2010

Thigi Pencil Commission

commission for Thigi-Rang.
and your are the first one to see before I uploaded to DA.. I still have to make sure there is no revision first... XD

tools : Pencil in pothoshop. less than a hour each pic

its not over yet.. there is still 2 more to go, but right now I have to go home to my parents house.. my nephew say they miss me.. XD


Anonymous said...

archie~ warnaninnya keren amat~ gmn caranyaaa~~~ ToT *icha j'house on facebook*

celeste84 said...

very cool chie!! they've all got great style ^_^

have fun at your parents!

raden felix said...

hey...hey..really nice tone. I like 'em. Btw, what kind of brush do you use for those drawings? Mauuu dooonnk,, :p

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ icha $ ces : thank you! *hug*

@felix : brush bisa kok XD.. pake yag soft round brush.. paling opacitynyah dikurangin..cuman diaplly exture gt.. :D

java ukigoshi said...

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j7 said...

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