Thursday, December 30, 2010

The End of The Year.

hello there everyone, how are you doing today?
I hope you are doing just fine..
because here..Im not.. ;A;

maybe because all that party from X-mast.
I go home very late, my sleep hours is ruining.
and because the weather are very awesomely extreme lately.

I got sick and got a flu *snoooort*

how great it is to welcome a new year with a coughing an boogey? LOL

anywey.. I dont want to sound searching for excuses.. but yeah.. because of this all my project are messed up!

everything are according to plan until I got sick.. =_=a
just when Im be able to ignore all distraction from the internet and focus on my work.. viola! I've got sick.. sheesh.
but I promise,in 2011 everything going to be much much better!

there is a resolution that I want to complete in 2011.I complete some in 2010 and I want it again... :D
writing a resolution is a good thing I guess so you know what your goal is.. :D so here it is.

1. be more productive and discipline.
2. more artwork and comic published.
3. launch a website.
4. start my own webcomic.
5. be more professional, and aim for international publicity
6. be more productive and focus in my art.
7. built my own studio.
8. own a house.
9. be more healthy and shape up.
10 more good deeds to people and care for my family more than ever.

maybe some of you think than My goal are to high to achieve. LOL
but that's okay, Im more of a optimist person. so I feel that my wishes, soon or later will becoming true just because I believe so.

and beside, its free to have wishes and dream right? so why not?

no matter it will be come true or not, the most important part is the journey and the process I gonna do to make it completed.. :D so I just try my best and enjoy the flow.
lets roll people!

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Celeste84 said...

oh no chie D: you have the worst luck with colds!! make sure to rest up and get better ok??