Monday, July 12, 2010

Kinara from Garudayana.

okay.. Im still sick.. I've got fever and its so hard for me to stay working..
so for killing some times I just made this post.. :D
long time ago *lol*, my friend who are one of Indonesian comic artist Is Yuniarto. is having a birthday. and I promise him a fan art.

and Like always, if I draw him a fan art, I always choose his heroine character. XD his heroines character are cute and moe..
this time I will draw Kinara from Garudayana comic book.
a high spirited and energetic treasure hunter.

I want to experiment with the style, so I try to draw Kinara in cheesecake style.. you know like Adam Hughes art.. but my art is nuthing compare to Adam Hughes.. so.. uh.. well..
this is the result.

when I meet Isyun in person and we talked about this fanart, he said he love it,
I change some design and put Kinara weapon pocket in her thighs, and Isyun said its look very sweet..>///< haha
and the style is pretty cheese cake..
so I consider that as a compliment, and my plan to make Kinara as a cheesecake is kinda succeed.. yeaaay!:P
thank you for making me feel better Is! *lol*

and here is a detail shoot from kinara pic.. :D
the line art for this pic are not very tidy.. ^^;

at first I want to make the tutorial or step by step about this pic.. but I forgot.. ;_;Im terrible sorry.. maybe later eh?


celeste84 said...

i have no idea what cheesecake style is, but i really love the pic chie! very full of energy and a great pose! the colouring is nice too ^_^

you're still not feeling well? you need to take better care of yourself :< is this still from the food upsetting your tummy??? get better soon chie! *hugs*

meegoh said...
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Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ ces : if you are used to Marvel comic or Dc comic, you will know what cheesecake style is.

its a words to say super heroines with big boobs, amazing body and pretty face..

about my health, at first its from food poisoning, after I go back and fort to the toilet it seems my energy drained, but I force my self to watch the world cup match late at night.. ;_;
so in the morning I've got fever until now. >..<

@meegoh: yes Im still sick.. hahah... XD and thank you! I will try to be a better artist! XD

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I accidentally removed meegoh comment.. *A* Im so terrible sorry... I dunno how to undo.. :(

celeste84 said...

hahah you goob chie XD

ahhhh so cheesecake is like american action hero type girls? don't get the name, but it makes lots and lots of sense now about the pic - i think you did do a good job there! you managed to make her very buxom and energetic and still keep her personality and style!

but you! you you you!! how many times do you need to be told to look after yourself! >_< why didn't you get someone to record the match and watch it when you were feeling better!! aigoo! you make me worry about you chie - make sure to get lots of rest and get well soon, ok?

Archie-The-RedCat said...

aaahhhhh but its an urgent ces.. I dont have time to ask someone to tape it for me..

well now my condition is getting better i guess.. so no worries.. :D

celeste84 said...

D: chie, HOW LONG were they advertising the matches? nya? weeks! all it takes is one phone call or msg over the net to ask someone to record it! ayah! sports nut! >_<

glad to hear that you're feeling better ^_^

uruhakurenai said...

im reading this a matter of fact i try to compare indonesian comic to japanese...for my presentation in japan...wih me luck