Sunday, September 7, 2008


Guys Im not a spy
Im not a guy with the longest tie.
Im the tiniest car
Im a little bee..
Im a tiny guitar
Im anoying flee
Im A hey..hey..hey..

Guys Im not a spy.
maybe my eyes tell another lie
but Im not that flick.. to my story in mind
tell a little to you tell a little to me.. Im a hey..hey..hey
just look at me.. and you can see
just look at me Im a hey..hey.heyy


watching the sky while listening to Jalu voice and his unik and enchanted song..
god dammit i like all his song a lot!!
Im a very big fans..
but when I meet the person himself..
my knee start to shakin.. and I cant say a word..
I just stare at him..

alone in the corner...

well guys.. Im not a spy.. Im just a stalker..

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