Thursday, July 21, 2011

Medusa, Before and after

long time ago, there a maiden that are so beautiful, her beauty make all the goddess feel jealous.
the maiden cursed to be a Medusa,her hair turn into snake, and everyone who look at her turned into stone.
including her family and her most beloved one.
torn by saddens and guilt she hide far away form the village.
living in a cave deep in the forest.
the time grew, her sadness, pain and loneliness, turn her heart into darkness.
sometimes at night, she come out from the cave and seek passerby to turn them into stone, not only people, but also animal.
her victim grew lager, and makes the Villager feel threatened and scare.

until a hero named Perseus come to the rescue and fight her.
Perseus manage to kill Medusa.
but before her death and Perseus sword touch her neck, Medusa cried
'look at me' she said with teary eyes.

Perseus look at her head who are no longer dangerous and wondering.
maybe she is not going outside the cave to make the passerby turn into stone?
maybe she just lonely?

you can view the bigger view HERE