Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Im grow up now...

yesterday 31 March is My B'day..
and My day is started with so many non stop texts message who congrats me since midnight.. Im happy of course.. but that's kinda made me cant sleep well.. XD

than my mom and dad wake me up early in the morning, pray for me and gave me advice and a future plan, my lil sis gave me a bar of chocolate.. :) thank you all.. *hug*

In the morning like usual, I check my Deviant art Page and made a b'day journal, I cant believe so many friends that congrats me and made me an art gift.. >///< Im so happy!

at noon I go to Zoe Corner and meet my friends, I promise we will have lunch together and I will pay the meal..XD, the person who came that day is, Aulia, Lan, Jejel, Aniki, And Omu. I came late because the rain, and I wore the clothes that Kani gave me for B'day and bracelet from Celeste.. :D.

What a nice suprise, Jejel gave me a Brownies, and Omu bring me a B'day cake.. he actually plan me a bigger surprise, but I already suspicious from the beginning and kinda threat him not to do anything stupid or I will cut him with a butter knife *lol*

after the crazy lunch from noon until late afternoon, we decide to watch horror movie together at Aulia place, bring some snack and cola to have a lil party.. and one of my best friend Mel, decide to join..:)
watching Horror movie kinda hilarious... because the girls keep screaming.. and the boys keep teasing the girls.. XD, the movie its not that scary.(title: Comming Soon ) :P but not bad for a fun.. I wanted to do it gain later..

at home I open the present that Ully and Lan gave me.. and they gave me this..

soooo cweeeeeeeet >//< I like it a looot

thank yo so much for all my friends and lover.. you Guys made this day is a blast of fun!!

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