Thursday, April 2, 2009


he look at me with piercing eyes,
intimidate me indeed

"come close" he said directly to me with no emotion..

but I keep stand still,
with a crooked smile on my face, kinda nervous.
than he came forward against mine, our body almost touch.
still with piercing eyes, his face getting closer to mine, I can feel his breath gentle in my cheek.
and he start to whisper me the word softly.
he said..

"brenksek maneh.. "

or should I say "you bastard!"

huahhahahahhahhahahhahahahah..... ass hole!

nah, relax, nuthing serious.. Im kinda always started a fight and made my friend mad..of course..we still joking around..its happen all the time.. ^^;
sometimes hes the one who risen my temper. I'll shout to him,, he shout back.. I feel embarrass acting so childish..and he laugh at me.. *A*

I like those kinda person really, who brave enough to tell me what on their mind bluntly,being honest, never done any cheap talk juts to amused someone like our hypocrite society always done..

I better hang out with rude but honest person, than polite but hypocrite!

why I tell you about hypocrite person? well okay, two days ago Im hang out with the person who are my ex-lover..
personally I never mind with the Idea still having a good loving relationship with your ex, beside its all from approval from my current lover anyway.. so its legal.. ^.^

but anyway, the relationship between us getting awkward, I try to act normal, but always move back every time my ex try to get my heart back, and I dont response every time the conversation towards the topic that my ex still loved me somuchforevereverthaneveruntiltheworldsfallapart and still wanted to married me, blah! shut up!

well the result is.. I got mad to my ex who are so stiff and awkward.. geee get over it will ya? we all ready broke up, cant we just be a good friends? my ex said nothing..

ow.. my ex still that sweet and nice, adorable and loving person like before
never get mad or berserk like me..

but everything came out.. from a text message.. damn why my ex not tell me directly.. what a coward. >_> well my ex said the following:

since the beginning I always be patient with your behavior.
my heart is ache, and I feel very much tired, but I never gave up wishing you will change..because I always believe you are a good person inside despite your egoistic and bad temper attitude.
I still love and care for you, but Im tired
why everything have to be like this?

say whaaaaat??? all this long, I never hesitate to tell what Im thingkin and how my emotion is, my mood swing change rapidly, and I dont care the emotion impact to others.. yes its egoistic indeed, but for all this long? why my ex never tell me anything?why my ex never protest or stop me for being so emotional??

and I always tough that my ex are very nice person who are super patience and willing to accept me the way I am..
I was wrong.. that not accept the way I am..that's mean running away from me..

avoiding argue and discussion just because scared I will be more ballistic...

am I that savage? brutally butcher my ex emotion?
I tell about this to all my closest fellow, and they say..
yes.. Im the person who are so mean and evil..
and damn why I could be so cruel to my ex.. now and before.. poor my ex.. they cant believe how my ex manage to stand beside me that long.. my ex must be having a hard time..

say whaaaaat??
I might be evil and mean..
well than stop me from doing dat!, if you dont say anything that mean you okay with it! goddamn! I cant use telepathic so please say whats on your mind!!!

whatsoever.. Im glad dat we broke up.. I know where is my faults is..and I know yours to.. >_>
I hope you can find someone who are better that me, and be happy



Celeste84 said...

Ahh poor archie :< I just don't understand how some people can be like that - if you have a problem withsomeone, say so - don't try to ignore it >_< things never get resolved that way IMO

*cuddles* and at any rate, i don't think you're evil, just honest :D

Anonymous said...

hi archie,
trs kl misalny mantamu beneran ngomong 'km hrs kok gin..gitu blabla' km bakalan berubah gak? jd bkn 'km yg sebenarnya' dnk? :p

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ celeste :thank you Celeste for the support.. yeah I think Im honest in evil and cruel way.. that's the things that I gotta change.. :D

@ anonym : yah palingan juga berubahnyah proporsional lah..kearah yang lebih baik... egois tuh gak bagus.. tapi nurutin keinginan orang lain dgn alesan cuman mauk nyenengin dia juga gw gak suka..(kalo bisa dua2nyah dong yang seneng namanyah juga pacaran.. >_^ )
cuman karena gw orangnyah seenaknyah, gw suka minta bantuan ke orang2 yang gw sayang biar berani nasehatin gw, dan bukanyah diem, kalo gw ngamuk.. kepret aje.. *lol*