Monday, April 27, 2009

Kara Commision Details

Kara Is a model and she is hot and made all the men who stare at her melt.. that's why she is furiously jealous when a man that supposed to be crazy in love with her, are staring to another girl that came to a party..

I hope I can picture her emotion in the rite way.. ^^;
Is far from perfect, but I will try my best next time.. :D

this clothes, like I said in the previous blog, are Feliane-san her self who teach me who made those blings2. he gave me the tutorial and the dust pattern to.. for that Im so thank full, I can do beautiful stuff to Kara.. :D

but I guess Im still failed with her jewelry.. >_<;

what is wrong with girls and shoe.. ? I dont get it.. but because shoe is look so sacred for girs.. I try to design it well.. I dunno if I made it or not *gulp*

dont kill me ladieeees arghhhh

ah finally this commission is finish.. I have a bunch great times.. ^^ and you can see the final result HERE


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