Sunday, April 5, 2009

My New Gadget

I dont understand most of the computer gadget, most of the time I'm clueless.. I try.. but maybe its just not my thing.. >_>

I brought External HDD yesterday, the capacity is 20 gigabytes. at first I wanted to buy USB, 8 giga.. but my friend who came along with me sez, why bother buy the little one? just go and buy the big one at once.. so I don't have to buy many USB, since I got the money.. I think , The hell..there's will be no harm if I buy it,so I brought it and took the little black and thin HDD with me.. :D

I named him HADEL (HD leutik ), and since e-snailE my dearest CPU almost overload with data, I move the 'important' data to HADEL, most of them are comic, 17 gigabytes, HADEL is almost blow up because the data.. >_>

and I erase the backup data from e-snailE (sound stupid?)I decide to trust HADEL with all I have, so the data have no back-up, pretty scary indeed... I worried sick to.. HADEL is still new, and I dont understand him much.. if there's anything happens.. well I must say bye-bye to my precious file.. (nooooooooh >_<; )

than.. sumthing ridiculous stupid happen.. I dunno why.. well my Friend father ask me to scan some election campaign letters, its very much important, so I must help the man, and I did..and that man brought me a suspicious USB.

e-snailE rejected the USB, she refuse to detect the following USB, I said to the man.. it wont do.. but The man keep insist, the file is important and the only USB he brought is dat..>_<; ooowh I should known better... but because I just wanted to help the man..I try all the USB port that e-snailE got,so I unplug HADEL, and put the USB in HADEL place.

GOD DAMN!!the USB are soooo full with VIRUS!!! arghhhhhh lucky my ANSAV and ANTIVIR are clean it up, and I pray so much to GOD that e-snailE is left unharmed..T_T, well the mission complete, that stupid USB is ejected from e-snailE, I put HADEL back, there's a file on him that I need to workin on..

and WTF!! where is HADEL?? I cant see him..
#@%^%*&^&*%&^()(&^&&^!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhhhh... I plug and unplug HADEL over and OVER, I still cant see him.. until the yellow bar came out and said.

"the USB port is malfunction, windows cant detect the device..."

what the hell is wroooong? its all okay in the first place.. why its became like this... aghhhhh! I was panicking. my stomach started to hurt. god damn this is terrible.. what I must supposed to do.. what I must supposed to dooo?...I dont understand nuthing.. what if all file is gone.. ?? Im soo drop dead.. X_X;

I try everything I know, it dont work.. I gave up. I decide to go to the store instead to check on HADEL, Im so scared that HADEL have to be reformat and Im gonna loose entire my file there..*sob*
so I turn of e-snailE and gone to sleep, its already late, there no use if I try sumthing if I still panic..

so this early in the morning, I turn on e-snailE, pray so much that a miracle will happen, because HADEL still connected to e-snailE, I check out the explorer.. and guess what..
HADEL IS BACKKK!!!! wihiiiiw... yeahhhh yipiiiw! I just cant hold my self to dance and roll over.. \(^,^)/. THANK GOD!

I dunno what happen really, like I said, Im clueless with gadget.. is HADEL just teasing me?? oooow he such a bad ass kid.. >_>; but Im glad the fuss is over.. Im so freaking glad! pheeew (I hope nuthing like this will ever happen in the future, I hope e-snailE and HADEL will get along together) .

buy the way, I always think my gadget as a living person.. so Im kinda wondering about e-snaile my CPU,is female, and she have so many USB port..
and thats mean she is are gang bang by a buch a male gadget like; tablet bamboo, scanner,mp3player,modem,keyboard. etc.. all the time.. (almost everyday)

woohooow she must be one hell of amazing woman to be able to do that..har..har..har..:D
and beside.. she is so damn hot to!

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macangadungan said...

better be careful next time darl XDDD