Friday, April 17, 2009

Feliane details commision

I never enjoy drawing digital like I enjoyed this one.. not because the others digital painting are not enjoyable, not because other commission is not special.. but because in this commission finally I found a new technique in painting..

I know my ability is improving trough every pic that I drew.. but I never realize it.. but this one.. I can feel it trough my finger and my brain.. and that's such a WOOOW experience.. Its made me more and more excited.. event tough I know its so damn hard.. and I became drained every time Im working on this piece.. @_@;

this is a sneak peek details to Felieane Commission..

Im sorry for the watermark.. :D


1 comment:

Celeste84 said...

uwah! this is so beautiful archie! can't wait to see the whole thing :3