Sunday, April 12, 2009

and its feel hurt...

I suffer from a disease..
I don't concern about this illness actually, even I know its serious disease, and my parents always worried sick about it.I don't think its serious,because I still don't feel any impact or damage that could harm me and stop me from my daily life, (I hope it will be like this forever and it wont get any worse.. ^_^; )

I don't wanted to be sick of course, and I don't wanted to act like I don't care or anything, and honestly I feel scared to.. not scared of dying or ended up miserable.. but because if this illness getting more serious, it will cost me a lotsa money... I might became burden to everyone to..;_; I don't want that..

and my mom watch this TV show about disease and what the cause, and she tell me what she heard from the TV show,she said every illness in human, are caused by a person personality.
the point is, its caused by emotional disease.

and a disease that I have, are happened to a person who always angry.


Im shocked..
I dunno what to say at first..
damn.. that so true..

Im a person who cant control my emotion and my anger, when Im in rage, I will go berserk.. I poison my own heart, I invite this disease to my body..

now.. I feel broken.. I feel guilty.. I feel hopeless
I hate this feeling, I hope this could be over soon..
and I hope I could control my temper from now on, because I don't wanted to be sick.. I want to be strong and became a healthy person..

Gambarre Minna!

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