Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My baby bunny

at Sunday, me and my friend go to this market (pasar raya ) at gasibu. we having fun because so many weird stuff that sell and we look around for a good stuff..
than before we go home.. I saw a man who sell baby bunny.. Oh my.. they are all so cuteeeeee..
and I really2 really really want one..
actually I always wanted Rex bunny, because ther rug fur look alike.. but this domestic bunny are freakin cute to, and their fur are so freakin soft, and they are so small to.. >////<

I want one, so I ask the seller, he tell me that it only cost me $2 say whaaat??that's freakin cheap.. so I just go and but the funny rabbit..

me and my friend than name her Maru, Japanese for Round, because this baby look like a fur ball.. haha( is it really her? i still cant different between female and male bunny... ^^; they genital are not look like cats at all.. so Im confuse )

at first Im so sacred this baby bunny will instantly died after I take her home,,but its all ready 4 days since Im buy her for the first time, and she still alive.. I hope he will have long lifespan.. *ameen*

btw,here is Maru, very cuteeeee eh? i love her so!


Fathman said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! itu lucu bangeeeeet!!!! kecil bulet gitu aaaaargh!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

tapi kekecilan.. masih baby ituh.. sekarang uda mati.. ;_;