Friday, March 6, 2009


tsukurimashooou..tsukurimashouuu... sate..sate.. naniga. dekiru kanna..

hai.. dekimasuta!!!!

today me and My friend going to have a trip to CIBODAS!!
and so I made some bento to carry with me
first I made a Crockett, its very easy..

I taste it a bit and oh my gooood its taste amazing!! It so damn delicious I wanna married my self because I can COOK XD
and LOOK! not ordinary Crockett.. but there is smoke beef with cream cheese inside!! uum yummie :P

buts not all.. I cook my self a fine sweet chicken (ayam kecap ) and noodle seafood (sebenernyah sih bihun.. :D ) with meatball, crab and paprika..

ne.. ne... its look good isn't it? :)well I hope so, because its taste good to.. HAHHAHA

well I bet get ready now.. I dont wanna late cos my friend waiting for me, I will travel with Omupied, Aulia, Lan, Yo,and Apuy

wish we all have a great trip, and having a safe journey..


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