Sunday, May 1, 2011

I liek dolls

yess finally my baby girl head are ariveeeee XD
kinda feel scary right now I only got the head.. LOL.
but still its very exciting XD I always want this from long2 time ago.

Actually what I really want is candy girl from Orient company 1;1 human size like this

hahahaha XD but yeah Im really serious I want one.
my closes friend already know about my interest for this dutch wife thingies. and I know its kinda sound insane..XD
its almost Impossible to purchase a candy girl at my economic state. maybe later if I already a billionaire, one candy girl posing in my room will probably really2 awesome thing XD haha.
well because I cant get a candy girl for now, my interest turn into more petite size of dolls, arte tokio a silicone seamless doll. but the price also impossible.. LOL

so the next victim are ??.. yesss a BJD.

because the price, Im very picky with this kinda thing, I browse and research their faces, size, pose etc, just to find that I loved most.
I already like the head but I haven't had the chance to find the body yet.. =_=a all the body I see cant fulfill to my interest, and when I see body type I like, I cant buy it without their heads.. ah confusing isn't it.
but I know someday my pretty baby girl will have its own body for sure :D just wait and see.

oh well.. here if you want to peek my doll head that just recently arrived from the store to my lap :D

oh yeah, I haven't gave her make up yet.. its more creepy also she have a very long black hair..

and here is with her base make up

she already got a name, but I wont tell if she still a head.. LOL


Celeste84 said...

that is so cool! I wanna make BJD's of all my OC's LOL but that will never happen!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

why not ces? XD

Omupied said...

Damn.. dude, that expensive stuff..
i want the one sit in the chair.. haha..!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@Omu : candy girl are way to damn expensive for my pocket right now, but who knows what happens in the future eh?

Celeste84 said...

chie, cause I have so many OC and BJD is so expensive LOL

XD hahaha you and ommy really like the candy girl huh? do they make a candy guy? XD