Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Its raining again

Bandung.. my beloved city..

now almost everyday the rain falling down..
I actually loved the rain.. when Im at home.. staring at the window watching the raindrops pouring on the windows glasses and sumtimes thunders and lighting struck.. and Im a little bit shocked.. and than giggle a bit because it so amusing..
I like the rain coz it make me feel solitude, some how I feel isolated.. to the out side world.. its only me against the sound of raindrops

I like rain cos its fell so cold and I will be shivering. cuddle up in my bed under my warm and tender blanket.. I will sleep all day long.. while listening to the sound when the mother nature cried

I like the rain..
the rain gave me peaceful feeling

I like the rain..
because of the rain never stop.. flood disaster everywhere..
and not only that.. disease like cold and flu goes everywhere..

almost all my friend got sick..
and I fell so sad

yesterday I walking slowly under the rain... I want to fell the rain pouring down on me..
hm.. well yesterday Im in sorta melancholic mood.. so I decide to get wet under the rain.. :d
felling freely like when I as a kitten and dancing under the rain..

but the days afterward.. I got a migraine..
I cant focus in anything.. I skip out work.. I dont do My comics.. I dont do nothing right..
I wasting my time because my head feel so hurt..
I hate it..

but even tough this migraine killing me softly.. and makin me wasting my time here..
I still loved the rain..

you know what..
I think I wanted to walk under the rain again..

but not today.. :P

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