Monday, March 3, 2008

Pervert Lil' Bastard

Pervert to the bone..

that what my aniki tough about me once.. (he even made a comic strip about it.. XD )
my colleague said Im maniac.. and my best friend call me with nick names like sukebe-chan (sukebe = pervert) or Prof. Sukebe

but I guess I pervert in a cute way.. (gyahahaha.. I dont think anyone said pervert is cute beside my self)
well because I think.. all my pervie thing is just a joke.. I dont really meant it.. I mean.. I dont do pervert stuff to others or to my self.. ^^; I just pervert in what I said and pervert when Im making some comic or tell some ideas..

but sumtimes I fell that Im so damn pervert.. is it because Im to honest? because I say what Im thinking just like that? because its just the way I am?

believe me.. I am pervert.. but not in the bad way..
Im still that cute lil' kitten that you want to hug and cuddle.. :P

hey did I allready tell you that Im honest? * LoL*

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