Wednesday, September 16, 2009

twiiiittttt tuiiiitttt

I just made my self a twitter.. just for fun..:D still dont have follower or following anyone, but that is my intention, Im to much updating my Facebook status, I feel like Im bugging everybody.. Im updating my status not for sppaming someone notification Inbox, or to attract people to comment my status and stuff.. I just update it coz I want to write sumthing and speak up my mind..

I guess twitter is far most suitable with what I want in this case..

bur recently I made a conversation with my friend.. she said, Facebook and twitter make most of the blogger forgot to update their blog..
they are far more concentrate with facebook and the blogger buzz now seems so quite..

is that so?
is that is the reason why the person I follow on blog never updated their blog?
and also the reason behind my rareness in updating my own blog??

hm.. I guess not for me.. Im just busy with works.. that's all.. but i really wanted to updated my blog everyday like i used to.. the problem is.. I dont know what to write.. =_=


Ncus said...

what's your twitter account?

You will find new stuff on twitter, follow the right person. Search for tweeps that has the same passion as yours. That's what twitter about, it's not just for updating your current geo location or what are you eat.

Archie-The-RedCat said...

how to know a right person to follow??
I know its not about what food you eat, your geo location, and simple thing like that..

but what else? link to amazing website? job opportunity? yeah.. thats what Im looking for.. :D