Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog pageview??

yipiiiiw my blog hits already 1500+.. I wanted to celebrate it with picture or illustration ,but Im to tired.. hahahah XD

and god dammit I realize I have to many account online.. many of them is abandoned.. =_=.. Im planing to make another blog in Indonesian language..
I think I have to erase that plan..

sumtimes, I really wish I have someone to help me updating all my account.. *sigh*
that will be really2 help..
anyone interested??

nah.. hahaha just joking :P

btw I just back from Inking my manga project, Im using my old,rusty,and almost broken pen nib..
but you know what? its feel fantastic! its awesooooooooome, its feel goood, I cant believe that Im so damn enjoying the inking process. XD..

and ink the comic manually make me feel hapyyyyy its a joygasm.. hahah XD
its true. its true, its far more great that using computer to ink the manga, its really feel good when the pen nib touch the paper surface.. in every stroke.. (oh my glomp.. stroke eh? I feel pervert now )

Im shivering, my heart race.. Im..Im..


but I have to stop because the lamp on the tracing table are off.. =_= I need to buy another lamp.. *sigh* I hope tomorrow I have the time

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