Friday, September 4, 2009


its feel long time go I dont post this blog with my rants.. so busy with many stuff.. well at least the job desk for august is 70% clear..
the rest of the job whom are not finish is mainly because the client still pending the progress, one is because the revision, another one is because the payment problem.. =_=a

i hate when there is a pending payment.. *sigh*

Luckily I still have many projects to go.. and have many plan to make some income. but I dunno.. lets see about that in the future.
because right now..Im concentrate in one project that is really consume my mind, my strength.. and drained my soul..

It the comic project..
the plan is.. it will be publish on February, and the deadline is on December.. still long time to go i think.. but..

Im stuck..

yeah right now the plot is stuck..I've got to many ideas, but I dont have enough pages, and my brain feel wanted to explode thinking which ideas should I take to make this comic perfect.. =_=;

so I ended up browsing trough website.. and writing blog.. liek somehow it will help me decide...

baaa..baaaaa....baaaaaaa....(crying like a stupid sheep lost in the dessert)

somehow being comic artist is hard... but I know deep down I enjoy it..
I dont have any reason to complain actually..
but right now.. i think I should.. because Im scared this brain of mine.. really2 going to explode..



Nadia a.k.a hinagi said...

talk to your friends more during your idea block will help you out from it :3 or perhaps doing something that you rarely or never done before, kinda affect you in a good way XD

Anonymous said...

hmmm, well, who says you can't have everything in your story? you can always make some side stories in your own time of stuff you wanted to add in but couldn't fit in ^_^

*GLOMPS* your head still not feeling any better??