Monday, September 28, 2009

Never Stop Dreaming..

not just ordinary dream, and don't end up to be a daydreamer..
but this dream is sumthing you want in life, sumthing that you try to achieve.

My dream is to be a Manga Artist.. maybe you guys so freaking bored to hear this.. haha

but yeah.. its my dream since Im in junior high school.. some people said.. Im already get what I dreaming of.. well I said its not entirely achieved.. but at least Im on my way to do that..:D

remembering the old times, when I'm still young and ambitious, I really wanted to share my history back than when I'm still dreaming..:d
I'm started to draw since Im very young.. and born from not very much rich family..
I'm in love wih comic and story book when Im in elementary school.. maybe younger.. but our family economic problem cant let me to buy plenty of book of stuff..

I'm a book worm since I'm a kitten, I spend so many hours on library, any kind of it.. I make fried with my neighbor just because my neighbor have lotsa books, and when what Im doing is only sit in the corner of her library instead of playing with her.. she ditch me out.. hahaha

the urge to having my own Comics and book make me became creative, I decide to make my own book, making my own story,. only few pages of story, I draw and colored it my self.. that is happen on elementary school..

I still remember the title and the story the first story I made.
its about a caterpillar who is raised by the dragonfly family, and beiing ditch out by their family becouse the caterpillar change into cocoon. the cocoon drop into a bucket of red paint.. and from that bucket suddenly come out a beautiful red butterfly.. hahahhaha (weird eh? and so when I stil young I already obsessed with red )

I keep making story, and the illustration also.. my friend and classmate loved the book I made..
until at Junior high.. I meet a friend who can draw manga.. she teach me sumthing that is more that illustration book..manga/comic concept using lotsa picture in every panel.. more picture in only one page.. and if she could made her own manga.. that is mean I can do the same..

so I start drawing manga, using just pencil and note book..

than its escalate into HVS papper and using ink to make my manga..

when I'm in senior high school.. I dare enough to submit my works to magazine and newspaper.. the response is wonderful.. I even got extra money.. I'm getting ambitious to became a mangaka..

than finally in year 2003 I try to submit My own manga into some publisher.. 200 pages of manga.. fully Manual.. the publisher accepted the manga, and it sell quite a lot, in the same time I also make my own studio with friends. and published one manga tittle with them..

the studio activity then became my main interest.. I always working and publish comic works under my studio name.. drawing illustration and manga/comic became my main job..

but that not good enough for me.. Petshopbox studio are getting famous in manga world, but Archie the RedCat name fading away..
the studio job increase more than just mere illustration and comic. its change into merchandise shop, retails, and stuff. the vision of the Studio also change into sumthing I dont like.. and make me far..far away from my goal into becoming Manga artist..
it hard and very sad for me.. but than I decide to quit from my own studio that I build from scratch..

I decide to fight on my own.. in my own way.. standing in my own feet
if I could publish my own comic book in 2003 I have the chance to do the same now..
even tough its scary.. even though there is so many obstacle..

I know my dream going to became true once again..
yesterday the editor already gave me the contract..
than is make me brave enough to say..

Archie the RedCat is back people..
are you guys ready for me?


Nadia a.k.a hinagi said...

still long way to go, still can achieve more, more than you can imagine^^ then again, that's too bad that your studio has changed into something else like that-__-;
guess I need to look at you as my idol, the process that you have gone through is a very impresive example of achieving dream. hmm too bad i've dropped my dream to become a mangaka into second place, but that's my decision though, I don't regret it :) don't worry many people will support you just fine XD OSH! GANBATTE!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I wonder why you change your dream Hinagi-chan?

why you stop dreaming became manga artis..
many of my childhood friend who are my rival when Im young are stop drawing now.. they decide to work in office.. dunno why its kinda make me broken hearted..


but any dream you want.. I hope you will achieve it sumday and your happy with your dream.. :)

Skyliet said...

It's Great to hear that there's an Indonesian whose persistent with their dream (Japan has many people with these characteristics, and makes them so unique^^ and stand-out over the world)

>.< I've dropped my dream to become a mangaka too -I had already left my DA account for 3 years- and try to focus to my college study ... but I had a future goal of creating a manga about medicine ^^ (my field of study) ... it's still a dream though -__-

Good Luck to you!! I know you can do it! You're surely does have a talent for it, there's not many Japanese mangaka that even could surpass your skills >.<

Archie-The-RedCat said...

@ Skylet A.K.A Cloudlanzer, well its hard if you are one the path on being a doctor and in the same time still wanted to be a mangaka.. those both job is hard.

for my self, I dont have any ability beside drawing.. I cant be a doctor or engineer.. I could only drawing. so I gave all the best I can.

when my best friend stop drawing I feel very much broken hearted..I cant imagine if myself who stop drawing..
and I dont have any guts to try..

this skill is the only thing I got..Im nuthing without it... :D

susan said...

... this is unrelated with the topic, but I think you should learn about grammar... wkakakakak No offense really, I'm just -unconsciously- sensitive about language issue :P

Anyway, looking forward to your next ...cergam? by MnC I believe :P Ganbatte kudasai.

Archie-The-RedCat said...

well I not a good friend for Nazi Grammar.. *lol*

like I said on the header of my Blog.. Im using English not becouse Im good, but a least Im try..:P

not my best effort I think.. to lazy.. wkwkwkkw

susan said...

Oh, you're right, its written at your header wkakakak it's so small, I didn't notice it before :P Guess I was fascinated with the picture *v*

Reading grammar mistake, is like seeing a standard-disproportional manga's picture[s].. you have this itchiness to fix it... or maybe just me.. Hehehe Never mind :P

Celeste84 said...

ah rc it's fantastic to see that you haven't lost your dream :) persistance pays off ^_^ wow, never knew you actually built up PSS!! that's pretty amazing :)

Archie-The-RedCat said...

celeste what is PSS?

Celeste84 said...

PSS is PetShopbox Studios - i'm lazy, gomen ne! XP

Archie-The-RedCat said...

yeah..I built petshop with 5 of my friends.. the one who gave Petshop name are my sister.. ^^;

now Ony two original member left on Petshop.. the Black Cat and the Flying sugar... I feel guilty leaving them we have so many great memories together..

but whats done is done.. and I gotta move forward.. :D