Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kuroshitsuji Doujinshi

Finally, I have some time to Update my blog..
while Im waiting the epic lame time to send the e-mail to the editor,its almost 2 o'clock in the morning, and I dont have enough sleep.. >_>;

well I wanted to talk about the Black tea Party Anthology that I made with the girls who are very kindly invited me into the circle..

so, at Tuesday 21 july, I go to the animonster magazine office, just to meet with Bayou, because she is working there, I go to see her to get the copies of the doujinshi I made.

and after so long waiting,I finally touch the book by my self, and amaze with how luxury the print quality is, for only 20$.. geez, that's quite cheap, thinking it contain hundreds of page, and the paper are very thick.. 0_0 woow no wonder it sold out on the convention only in 4 hours.. Im amazed ladies, Im amazed..

cover made and paint by Brilcrist

photographs and the properties are made and belong to Misakichi

and I like the book a lot!and I feel so happy the girls invited me..(so I have the copies of my own for free hahahha..:)
I have a personal opinion about the story inside the dounjinshi,but I will keep it for my self because I wont give you guys any spoiler.. hahhaha..

My doujinshi page teaser


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celeste84 said...

o_o damn you arch! now i REALLy can't wait to get my copy >_<