Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Black and white practice..

decide to practice basic coloring because i still dont get the theory of coloring.. all this time always rely on my instinct..>_> stupid I know.. I will try to study.. and post will be updated gradually.. (I think )


celeste84 said...

your instincts are pretty good arch :3 all you really need to do is remember where the light is coming from, and the 3d shape of the object it's hitting ^_^

Archie-The-RedCat said...

haha but its kinda hard... Im used to 2 dimensional object (manga..)
and Im suck at lighting.. I never use real reference for lighting.. I will start now.. for the sake of studying :D and getting better.. ^^
yoshaaa fightoooo

celeste84 said...

XD fighto-oh! and i hate to say this, but apples will become your best friends LOL

Archie-The-RedCat said...

oh noeeees.. I never draw apples bevore.. still life artist always use apples because they hard to draw right.. O_o I just realize, in my whole freaking live I never draw still live of apples.. *eeek

and I remember about the apples essay that hakubaikou wrote..
no wonder she using apples as her object.. *A*

I have apples at my refrigerator now.. but Im scared to draw it..

celeste84 said...

yup! apples are so hard to draw right :O BUT they also have shapes you'll find in the human body, do it's easy to transfer what you lear across :3

it's more fun with speckled apples!