Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my high protein lunch..

this is all because that animation movie by pixar that I seen recently.. "ratatouille"
I decide to made my food serving look much much better.. and since I have a pocket camera. I cant restrain my self to take picture of it..

all the food are made by my self, and its very2 simple and easy.. cooking is like art, so I enjoy it so much.. :D

this is smoked beef egg..

ingredients :
2 slice smoked beef
1 egg
onion (as you like)
paprika/cabe merah dikeluarin bijinyah ) as you like
quick melt cheese/mozzarella (as you like)
tomatoes (as you like )
vegetable oils/butter

tomato sauce,
chili sauce

how to cook:

-put the vegetable oil,(one tea spoon)wait until its hot, than put the 2 sliced smoked beef (remember the fire should be small dont over heat ) while waiting for the smoked beef, stir up the onion, tomatoes,and paprika until its smell good.(in the same frying pan because its huge.. :D lotsa place to cover.. )
-put the vegetable in on top of the smoked beef with spoon..
-cover it with raw egg.
- on top the egg we put another smoked beef.
(so its like smoked beef sandwich with the egg and vegetable inside )

because i like it medium, its doesn't take to long to cook, I like it when I cut this smoked beef egg,and the hot liquid yellow egg coming out from the each side.. uuum yumieeeh

for the sauce, just mix the tomato sauce, the mayonnaise and chili sauce as you like.. put it on top the smoked beef egg..

and viola! its ready to serve! :)


celeste84 said...

o_o what's smoked beef?? is it like a salami kinda deli meat?? or more of a roast meat kinda deli meat?? or something entirely different?

Archie-The-RedCat said...

huh celeste you dont know smoke beef? its different with salami,salami is same like beef burger right? so its have textured and if we cute itm they will separated easily..
and its not like roasted beef also..

its more like a chuck of meat that sliced, very thin, and smoked into half cooked meat

its like this--->

the texture are close with bacon, only this one is from cow, and with out no fat.. :D

celeste84 said...

ahhh something similar to proschetta/prosciutto then i think? that makes sense, they're a stronger flavoured meat so it only has to be thin slices :3

Archie-The-RedCat said...

hum I think it is, but its from cow, and dont have any strong flavor at all.. its sliced thin because if it to thick, it will hard to chew.. ^^;
and its hard to cut it in pieces, because they somehow kinda elastic.. haha especially after they cooked, but if you over cooked it, it will be crispy.

its different from salami or burger meats that already have spices flavor in it..
smoke beef have plain flavor..but I like it more that burger beef.. burger beef smell weird, smoked beef have tiny smell, and I like chewing them.. hahah its taste more meaty *lol

celeste84 said...

huuuuuh o_o i don't think we have that here then!