Friday, July 10, 2009

Cover design part two

wihiiiiw *roll over*

finally its done.. this is the cover that I send to the editor.. I dunno if the editor like it or not, I just send the email today.. and maybe will get the answer in Monday.. ^^; *pray*

my personal opinion is, its look much better from the previous, its fresh, its funny, and most of all, I like the font and the pink thingy doesn't look eww..
but that's is my personal opinion.. ^_^.. how bout yours?
the previous cover is made in photoshop, and took me so freaking long time.. and its just hit me.. why the hell I dont use Painter x instead, its more friendly user, and I like painter better.. *doh..

and its finish in no time, with much..much..much.. better result.. :D (i think)
so here you go, C&C are very welcome.. ^^



Archie-The-RedCat said...

wohooow the Editor already reply to my email,and he agreed with this cover, and he likes how the color goes to! yeaaay!

Anonymous said...

ahhh i like this one arch! the colours go together better, and the matching front and back cover pages made me giggle :3

is painter really that much more user friendly?? i always find it hard to get started in painter #_#

Archie-The-RedCat said...

yeaay glad you like it to Celeste! >w<

at first its hard and very much annoying to handle painter, but now Im get used to it..
what makes it faster is because painter have so useful tools call BLENDER, and ROTATE tools..
those tools just made my day.. *lol