Thursday, July 9, 2009


my ex have new lover.. and even we broke up for a long time..
still its feels so damn hurt..and jealous.. and envy.. and any others bad feelings that struggling in my heart..made my throat kinda feel choked..

and even I already found a new lover to, but still those 4 years in the past with my ex are memories that I just cant get over it easily..
even if rite now Im in love sooo much with my new lover, and the person that are beside me now its such a sweet and caring person.. who dont care how bad person I am.. who willing to take me as I am.. (not to mention a great lover and partner to.. :P )

but I dunno..
its feel sum thing is missing.. there is a hole in my heart and I just realize it now..

well I have to get over it sooner or later, what past is past.. now I have to concentrate to my work..

work RC, work!


Anonymous said...

Awww, I think everyone experiences something like this at least once in their life *pats* Chin up arch, it's not like you have to forget those memories, after all you never experience the same love twice - so you have to treasure the love's you have had!

that's the amazing thing about people you know; how much love they can have in their hearts, and how they can love different people in different ways at the same time ^_^

Archie-The-RedCat said...

yeah. and I never think that I going to broke up with my ex.. because its my first time having a lover actually.. =///=;

I tough we going to be happy ever after and end up married..