Monday, August 3, 2009

deadline for August

this what I got for this early August.. -_-; and all the deadlines are close to each other..

-8 page color Comic submission for Popcorn in Malaysia.
-22 page Coloring Storybook 'airport theme' for Erlanga
-9 comic page for Ariade(commission)
-2 comic page for Faye (commission)
-4 charachter waist up painting for Kyouki (commission)
-2 comic page for Kiara (commission)

If I could, I will try to working on it in the same time.. hahhahah impossible.. well I cloud try to switch the progress while waiting for revision and stuff.. , so every job could finish in the same time.. hahhahaha
I need super power.. sheeesh.. @_@;


kemotaku said...

Why don't you use Kage Bunshin no Jutsu :D

Archie-The-RedCat said...

ajarin mot gimana caranya, belajar ama Naruto jauh, :D

Anonymous said...

XD i think our RC would do harem no jutsu instead!

ganbare yo archie! you never get more than you can handle in life :3 keep your chin up and don't forget to relax sometimes *hugs*

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I want to relax forever.. but that would be extreme boring.. hahahha

Anonymous said...

But you shouldn't be like "relax isn't in my vocab" either XD find a happy medium!