Monday, August 17, 2009

How to be Happy

I just read earlier that there's a law to be a happy person..and you cant be a happy person if you don't apply to this 7 law of happiness. what is the law anywey? I always think Im a happy person...well let see about it than, am I a happy person or not? well if I'm not, I think I will be one after I know what the law is..
they said, the 7 law of happiness is :

hum.... EPIC fail.. I'm not a patience person.. =_=; I always wanted to have something fast and instant, I don't waste any time to get what I want.. @_@; uh..oh.. that what's make me always in the rush until I do it in complete mess and ruining everything..that sort of ruining my happiness to is it?

hum, this one I could do it. even sometimes I cant help my self feeling jealous toward someone or sumthing, but my jealousy still in the normal state, I usually a very gratefully person.. God gave me to many treasure in my life, I cant enough to say thanks :D


hum.. I dunno waht its supposed to mean.. live in simple life? (paris hilton?? HA..HA.. =_=; ) rrr.. I think my life is simple.. (because im not rich. 3_3; ) but maybe if I have a lotsa money in my pocket I don't, I spend it to buy expensive and plentyyyyy of food.. :D
well that because when Im still poor cat is hard to buy food, and sumtimes I let myself hunger.. ^_^;.so today when finally I have my own salary, I spend it to buy food, a lil bit over react biggest expense is for food, and not for surviving.. hahah ..ugh.. I gotta to change that.. :D


rrrrr became a player? HA..HA..HA.. Heuuu.. I dunno if Im full of love person or not, Im very picky.. if I like someone, I will gave all my care and my love to that person.. but if I dont have any intention,or any feeling toward that person.. Im sort of dont know, and dont care if that person exist.. cruel ne? argh.. gotta change my perspectif for love to../_\;


Im not a stingy person.. :d even, Im sort of the opposite, but that only to the poor people who need it and to people I love, if I don't recon you, don't care, and don't have any feeling to you, and you are curently a freaking rich and wealthy.. you wont get anything from me.. hahhaha..


surrender to what? to live? to everything? HELL NO! I wont surrender to anything except GOD

-to forgive..
hum, this is sound nice.. and a good thing rite? but this is the hard thing to do.. I actually never think about it, if someone made sumthing bad to me, or anything.. I maybe furious, but I easily forget about it, but that doesn't meant I forgive, if the case are really2.. really bad, and even I forget about it.. but than, in the future I accidentally remember it again.. I will feel angry and mad again.... aaah I have to learn how to forgive..

hum.. hum.. reading all of the above.. its telling me that I actually, NOT a happy person..
I always though Im a happy-go-lucky-cat, I almost dont have any problem in live, I have a nice familly, good friend, great lover and amazing what is wrong with me...
is it becouse Im a freking selfish person? is it because I always in denial..? (I dunno what I'm deny tough)..
ah weird.. but anyway, I will try to to that 7 law of happines that is suit for me.. My happines, is mine, and I'm the only person who can tell Im happy or not..

rite GOD?

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Anonymous said...

*pokes* i think you're a happy cat ^_^ if you don't have a lot of patience, make up for it in love - it's not an exact science ;)