Thursday, April 22, 2010

April Updates

I've currently get a flu right now, a headache and cough.
Im working on the ink part of broken winter.
I have acne problem for the first time in my life... someone said that's becouse Im to stressful. e stress out? Im shock.. =_=a I dont feel like Im stress.. :(

Im getting fatter to, because I know if I feel terrible, I eat, I eat and eat until i dont want to eat anymore.. that's not healthy

I dont feel to healthy... I dunno why?
what its my problem? I feel okay.. o_0;

well the great part is, now I already have my own bike, I brought it a week ago, and I loved it so much, his name is Bulao, its means blue in Sundanese.

btw its already 4 moth now, I dunno if I could done my new year resolution to live much better and more healthy.I realize Im not a patient person.. I do everything in a rush.. =_=a

and I think I complain to much, I have to make peace with my self..

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