Monday, January 9, 2012

Being Full time Freelance Artist

guys, being Freelance artist is wickedly awesome.
the best thing that happen to my life.
best job that I ever wanted.

but surely, its not a Job for everyone.

yes you can choose anytime, any day to work.
you can choose to whom you going to work.
you can even choose to lazy around all day without worrying being yelled at by your bos.

but also.
you need to careful to choose your priority, you might ended being so poor there's no money in your pocket, or even worse, get a load of money but overwhelmed by jobs you must finish.
being freelance means you need to be discipline yourself, no one can tell you what to do or scold you.
you have to do it on your own.
and when job offer is coming, its hard to reject them.
you have to smart with your schedule, and be a good manager for yourself..
 thing that I failed to do.. LOL

yeah.. to be honest Im screw up my own schedule.
Im tagled in project.
people keep coming and offer me ajob while I can't accept it..

so many things to do, but I cant arrange time to get it all done in time.
hey who said being Freelance are easy??

but still I love this job!
now lets get back to work shall we

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