Friday, March 23, 2012

Final Fantasy Fanart Commission

Zera one of my client, ask me to do commission of her fanfic about final Fantasy, this is supposed to be her Christmas present.
I start this commission in early December.. but I just finish this piece today.

why it take so long to finish?

First because of the content.
I intimidate by the fact I have to paint Final fantasy character, their 3d and 2d works of illustrations are always amazed me, how can I made sumthing resemblance to that with my limited skill?

Second, I'm scare with their fan base. what if fans of Final Fantasy seeing this, will hated me and saying things about the art that make me don't want to hear it.
 owh yes Im so terribly scared.
 the first and the second reason make me took a pretty long time to finish, many times I redraw their face again and again.. thinking nope..nope.. this is bad.. oh this wont work.. and owh lord why I'm so stupid etc..
this piece are very very hard to do.. ;A;

Also this piece is the reason I decide to risen up my commission price..
:D well my skill in painting are increase, so why not the price.
 I'm sure some of my client will be upset, but this will happen soon or later.

The third reason why it taking so long.. are probably because the technical reason.
somehow I got load of projects to do, so this one is have to wait sometimes, not to mention that when Im processing this commission, my pen tablet broke.. oh wow that is devastating.

The incident make me have to stop working on this piece and also make loads of my project piling up.
but I'm glad finally I could take a deep breath and relax for a bit.
did I satisfied with the result?
surely not,
but this piece have to end somewhere dont you think?
I dont want to make the client keep waiting.
she already be patience and supportive for this 3 moth I wont make her wait again.
pheww... well back to my daily routine than.. lotsa projects is waiting :)