Saturday, March 31, 2012

Melak Bentang

After  I've  got all that pretty Stuff From Celeste. and also after I'm having a birthday,
I decide that I will using my watercolor skill more often..
if I can, I will try to do it once a week.
This time because yesterday I'm having a birthday, so I want to draw myself trying to catch a star.

why? because I want someday I could be able to catch my dream.
I wanna go aboard with my comic. :D  so somehow this Picture are my prayers to God.
Im drawing and pray in the same time. *///*
now shall we start!

my tools of trade :D, and that Sketch book is one that Celeste gave me.

first of all of course I made the sketch with my pecil.

the paper are very lovely :) its thick and not wringkles like watercolor I used before, Im so happy!

almost done..

this is the final result.

I move it to my computer and edit the colors and the star. It make the pic prettier :D

Wish me luck Guys, I hope someday my dreams will be coming true, when Its coming true, Im gonna draw myself with a star.. LOL


Aryanata Razki Rints said...

i love this one

sooooooo kawaiiiiiii desu ne :3

Celeste84 said...

Love your watercolours - so glad you decided to do more!! keep at it and you'll definitely catch your star ;)