Thursday, November 13, 2008

wow its all ready November??

Right now Im one the internet Caffe..
tryin to upload some commission work..
and godDAMMIT. I stuck here for almost three hours..WHYYY IS TAKES SO FREAKING LOOONG??
its three hours and I only mannage to uploud 48%?? WHAT THE HELL???
god it pissing me so bad!
I wish I dont have to pay for this.. I wish I dont have to be here.. I wish I could go home soon. geez.. My mother will freak out I guess. I should be in the way to doctor today. >_> bleeeeh

I skip out work for this.. ow man.. next time if I upload sumthing I should do it early in the morning.. its a promise..
GRAOOOW I HATE internet connection in here.. I hate internet connection in my office to.. I can upload anything there.. or even downloading.. internet conecton in indonesia are really2 suck!!
its raining outside. I could hear the thunder and lighting struck. and Im so HUNGRYYY

oh my gay.. what should I doooo
whuaaaahahaahahahahahha SHITTTTT
okay..kay.. be patient now..
while waitin'.. what I must supossed to do??

oh I know.. just go to ImagineFX in there so many tutorials that I could download.. its such a great place to hangout

its reminds me that I supossed to be at my house GROOMING with my pretty computer E-SnailE!! aghhh I miss her.. I wanna bang her.. *gezz hat a stupid word I use.. blahahhaa

after this.. I really2 gonna spoiled my self! I will buy some yummy food. and made myself really2 full

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. the uploading process now 50% left...

what I supposed to do? I got nothing left to write..

argh.. is this a bad day to me..????

hm.. I guess not..
not yet..


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