Friday, February 27, 2009

Gee It all ready new year??

I guess I spend to much time on DA, my journal there is waaay more update then this Blog, ain't blog supposed to be journal to? ^^;

well than, here is the update so far :

-early January I quit my job from Petshopbox studio I wanted to be more independent, I want to be able became a comic artist, and not illustrator, I quit also because I felt Im not belong there anymore.. My petshop studio, is changing.. and I dont feel comfort with the changing, so I quit.

-I became full time freelancer everywhere if people willing to pay me, sound harsh, but now after I dont get salary, I have to do sumthing to survive, luckily I have art commission from DA that more than help me to survive.

-the issue about my problem with a local publisher company sorta solved, not satisfying, but enough for right now.. and ended up feeling bad because I butcher one of my best friend who also an editor in that company.. >_>

-realize that making comic on your own,, not that easy as I think before,I lost the soul, and in the same time I have to find out how to keep making money to survive.its very distracting and complicated.. *sigh

-having a forbidden relationship with someone who very much capture my heart rite now @///@;.. lust or love? rite now Im traped it two love and affair, and how bout another person that said love me and willing to take me as I am.. ? Im not choosing anyone, but I think I will ended up made all of them miserable.. god.. I wish I could choose.. T_T

-dont have any plan to married right now, Im to busy falling in love with my self ^^;

-no matter how hard my life seems to be, I 've been blessing with so many happiness, and surround by so many friends and lover, I dare enough to say that Im a lucky bastard and so freaking happy.. :)

My future mission
I hope sumday it will came true, becouse I believe I can..

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