Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year Update

its all ready January eh?
right now in internet cafe, because my internet quota in my house are no longer be able to used, I have to renew it later in the middle of the month..
AI have to go to the internet cafe to upload some script for my editor... damn being here in the internet cafe and uploading file, really feels like old days when I still dont have any internet connection at home.. it 2 years ago I guess?

aniwey.. I haven't tell that everything is under control now, the comic deadline are already pass I a made it in time..I haven't gave update because Im busy paling to move from my house. I have to pack few stuff and also preparing the rent room Im going to use in the future.. you know, like decorating the interior, painting the walls, cleaning up, and stuff.
everything almost done, I just have to move my stuff at my house to my rent room that's all, later I will update with some photo shoot I guess..

after being so freaking busy in the last few days because of the deadlines, now Im feeling a bit relax, and now are having some vacation. and off a bit from work..
its feel so weird, and I dont feel comfortable.. *lol, is that means Im a workaholic?
hahah that so lame.. :P

btw because this is New Year.. I wanted to talk about resolution and stuff..
:D and do you guys remember in year 2009 I have pledge to move from my house?and promise to publish comic once again?
well those things are coming true.. XD yeah! the power of will!!

that's why Im so excited to wish another goal this year, I know if I wanted it, I will have a chance to make it coming true.. :)

well this is the resolution for 2010 :
-be more discipline, with time and schedule.
-be much responsible to my self, but not forget to having fun.
-take my self in good care, keep healthy and fit, don't turn myself into overweight cat full of cholesterol because I ate to much.
-do sport often to keep me healthy
-eat more healthy food.
-publish another comic
-publish comic internationally.
-make self publish comic.
-making art book.
-collecting USD 10.000 in my saving account.
-buy a house.. :D

hmmm what else? I guess thats all for now..

go to infinity and beyond!Yeah!

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Celeste84 said...

Ahaha Chie, glad to hear you're getting a small break!

wow you have so many resoloutions for the new year! good luck with them all :)