Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bandung Car Free Day

Every Sunday, I'll go to a Car free day in Dago/Hj. Juanda Street.
at car free day, the street are closed for Cars and motorcycle.
so people can ride a bike, jogging, and do others sport on the street without worried bing hit by a car.

I usually go to Car free day alone. but this morning I go ther with Lan, my friend who just recently moving and rent a room near me.
Car free days always full of people and seems like a festival.
not only many people riding a bike, skate board, rollerblade, pogo, skooter, anything you can imagine all on the street.
but on the side the street you will see many kind of show.
there artshow, music, band, freestyle, streetdance, traditional istrumental show, food tents.and many others
there also a Blood donation, healt check, health theraphy, dogs gathering, martial art show, aerobic gymn and such..
all of them along Dago street.

I took some picture from todays Car Free Fay, so you can imagine what Im talking about.. ^^ enjoy

and heyyy somebody gave me free drinks.. XD yeaay!


Andreas said...

menarik banget. ini ada tiap bulan apa tahunan?

Archie-The-RedCat said...

tiap hari Minggu Loh Andreas.. ^^
dan Tiap minggu juga acara dan shownyah beda2.
seru deh
ntar kalo sempet coba main ke Car free day juga y?..

Celeste84 said...

wah! lanlan lives near you now? i knew lan was moving, so i'm glad about that - it'll help you two stress less i think! :D

wow, that looks so cool! a car free day is a very good idea, and the dogs were very cute too <3

hahaha you should do some roadside art one sunday!

Archie-The-RedCat said...

yes Ces, Lan live near me now.. ^^ sometimes we go out to buy food together.. :D
Its fun to have her around, but its makes me wanted to play more rather than work LOL

Celeste84 said...

hahah but that should make you want to work more too! if you finish your work in time you can then go out to play :D win win situation! :3

Archie-The-RedCat said...

Ces, I should learn from the way you think.. :'>

Celeste84 said...

hahaha maybe it's because i had to work in my parents shop as a kid? XD but it's good motivation! :D

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