Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Potion Against Bad Mood

people use Beer, Wine, or tequila to fight against bad mood, or just simply to have fun and drunk.

and me?
I brew a hot chocolate or drink a milk tea.

4 ingredients that could make me fly away high up to the sky.
Milk, Chocolate, Tea, Matcha.
to me those drinks are  just heaven on earth.

I stay up late a lot, and Coffee didn't work for me, its makes me stomached and go to the toilet often.
so I have this box contains ingredients to fight bad mood.
this is some of the ingredients inside :D

there's  more actually, but then you will notice that I'm a greedy gluttony cat. XD


Celeste84 said...

LOL I see a lot of those in the supermarket here! Are the cans milk tea??

Ahh so lucky I can't have dairy so I have to make mine on soy, and use the pure cocoa powder with no dairy in it :-/ it's so much fuss I just have Iced tea instead (these ones ) - but they really have too much sugar in them LOL

Zee Phegaseus said...

well, my addiction is milk. You can give any food/drink/dessert with milk to me and i'll go to heaven XD