Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My First BJD (Ball Jointed Doll )

      Have you ever dream of having something for years, stuff that you actually don’t need but you just want  and dying to have them? Since 10 years ago, I dreamt for having a Ball Jointed Doll, 1/3 size of human, with joints than can pose in different gesture, with replaceable hair and eyes, with that gorgeous appearance who also sometimes look spooky and life like..
     I’m obsessed to have them, for years I try to forget about the intention to buy them, because not only its really expensive for my economic situation; I also don’t have any reason to have them beside my pleasure necessity.
     But years by years go by, I try to restrain my self, but the urge to have a BJD keep getting bigger and bigger, I just cant help it anymore, I just NEED to buy it, at least one so I don’t feel curious anymore about them, and can really hold and touch it in my arms.

I had enough of keep dreaming and drooling over their photos on internet.

So I decide to finally buy one.

    Its not that simple of course, there so many type of awesome BJD out there, which one should I choose to buy?
Picking your first BJD are not easy, I need years to find the right one, doing research in almost every BJD company I could find, comparing their dolls and prices. its very confusing. So I try to break down on what kind of dolls I want and need.
    Well, I need a female dolls, perfect body, awesome gesture and of course, pretty.
There are lotsa pretty dolls who match my taste, but only few who have perfect shape and gesture. This makes me easier for me to choose, and of course something with fair price to my pocket. I don’t want it to be so damn expensive, while I also know price show the product quality, so I need to be wise.

After confuse choosing between E-an  DOD, Feeple 60 Fairy doll, and  Iple house. I set my eyes on this stunning beauty.
Oasis doll Ling-Lan, sculpt by amazing woman Sarina

 and how amazingly happy and grateful to God I am to tell you, yesterday I just pick up Ling-lan from the post office, and finally I could hold her in my arm.

3 kilos bro.. phew *A* also its a long way to the post office especially with public transportation (angkot)
its arrived safe in my house while my Mum and Dad looking really curious about this packet

Actually My Father who eagerly open the Box, and my Mum just speechless seeing what inside it

even tough she still a blank canvas now, she still look stunning!

the lingerie are free from oasis doll, I use handkerchief to cover her head  so she wont get cold.

Realize I took her picture, she cover her  face shyly

no Archie! I still don't have eyes and face up yet!

no close up to!

grrrrr Archie!

I try to make her do some poses, but she insist to cover her face

dont be shy, you have amazing body.. :D

my Body are ok, just not my face ..

awesome gesture and propotions.. those legs are to die for *///*

I choose ling-lang because she have that deadly smile that could melt your heart away, she have awesome gesture, and most important part. A stellar pair of feet.
many bjd owner and maker I know, not pay to much attention to little details like ankle and feet shape. Probably because later your dolls will wear some shoe or sock so people wont notice.
but I will.. and to me this part is very important.  I think Sarina feel the same to, all her sculpt have awesome feet that make me goes crazy LOL.

high heels feet

flat feet

   Ling-lan are amazing, Im so happy to have her.
Other BJD owners call their dolls daughter or Son, and they become mommy or daddy to their dolls, I’m not to sure about that, I don’t want Ling-lan to be my daughter.
but make her be my lover will make this more awkward.. LOL
Sarina gave her name Ling-lan, but now after she become mine, I name her
and for now on she going to be my precious princess, and I cant wait to play and have fun with her J fu..fu..fu


Celeste84 said...

You got a doll! :D Wah!!! congrats chie! she's very pretty ^_^

awww i'm so jealous! >////<

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I have a doll but I dont have a cats XD

you are not interested to buy BJD ces?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I really love this girl from all of oasisdoll's dolls. I'm planning to order her for a one/two month :) I just can't wait, as I'm looking at your Nalika..