Friday, September 28, 2012

My Doll Fashion

own a 1/3 live size doll with awesome body figure makes you want to give her a great clothes and fashion.
but you know in BJD world, not only the dolls are expensive, but the clothes are expensive to.

their wardrobe from shoes accessory, and undergarment are waaaay more expensive than the clothes I am wearing now..its almost seems its not fair LOL.
if I force my self to buy all that thing for Nalika and Flo, Im sure Im gonna go bangkrupt very fast.. and I dont want that happens. I also dont want my girls to life in luxury life while im here trying so hard to stay alive..
anyway.. the solution for that is sewing your own doll clothes.. I still haven't got a sewing machine yet (will buy it later for sure ) but lucky I knew how to sew with hand.

my mom said my grandma like to sew her own clothes to, without using machine and proper measurement. kinda like the way now, I am using my hand and just instinct to make the pattern and measurement XD.

the only time I could sew is when I'm comeback to my parents house, I put my girls there and the sewing tools are belong to my mother anyway XD
well here are some of the wardrobe that I manage to make for my girls

For Nalika, I plan for more tomboyish and casual Clothes.. Pardon for nalika still have bare face.. *A* I haven't done her make up yet..

For Flo the floating Head, because she have that feminine feature in her, I make here clothes for frilly and girly.

they dont have shoe yet, so Im planing to made them some shoe.. XD
here are the WIP for the shoe

after this, there will be other Clothes that I'm currently working on, I'm sew with hand so the process take a long time to spend, but its worth the time and I really enjoy it, Im glad now I have new hobby beside drawing nonstop and sleep lol

I'm also planing to buy another doll.. sound crazy to my pocket.. haha...


Youichi asuka zara said...

uwaaa ajarin saya menjahit doong? biar nanti saya bisa jahit baju cosplay sendiri XD

btw itu roknya si flo kependekan :3

Archie-The-RedCat said...

sengaja pendek, bar ngeliatin kakinya..
its my fave part from Flo