Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lolita Costume

so like I promise you on my earlier post.
I finish making the dress and the shoes for Flo! its took me four days and a broken thumb nail in the process but it worth the result. its not my best. but I'm happy for the result :)

btw the ribbon, the fabric, and the lace are all gift from my friend Lan-lan. thank you very very much for that >///<. but now you know that I'm using all material that are there for me (yeah cheapskate I know)
when I'm get used to pattern and buy a sewing machine, I might dare to but my own fabric an lace, and made some outfit that are more serious.. Its a promise :)

well then, here are the picture :)

flo new face up :)

the wardrobe set, including the shoe are made by me  and I'm very proud XD

btw.. dont forget about Nalika to, finally I manage to give her a make up :)

before and after 

hello there pretty face.. owh your smile just melt my heart 

Flo using Nalika Wig :P she look stunning!
and that all folks, thank you for reading ^^

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