Monday, October 29, 2012

Seifuku for Nalika

Yesterday on Idul Adha holiday, I decide to make sailor suit for Nalika.
I've been planing to make her a sailor uniform long time ago but haven't had the chance, so when I comeback to my parents house for 3 days,
all I'm doing is sewing  ^^a and the process quite bloody, I keep accidentally stab my fingers with needle.
no pain, no gain.
its probably because Im nervous, I never made anything like sailor uniform before so I try to made the prototype first from recycled material.
then my mum said don't be a cheapskate, the doll are expensive, so dont be cheap for her clothes and using ugly material.=_=a
so even I haven't had a sewing machine I decide to buy material that are more appropriate.
The prototype help me a bit to give me a glimpse what kind of sailor suit I want, I change the prototype  3 times, and I'm kinda frustrate by my skill in sewing.
lucky when I want something, I dont give up that easily
so to avoid things get worst, I also made the design so I know what kind of clothes I want in my mind and not just doing some trial and error.

here is the result, rrr close enough?

I dunno if I satisfied with the result or not, becouse I know there so many error in this clothes.
its okay I guess...
probably when I have a sewing machine I could excrete the clothes better.
but my mum said its good, my sister even ask me to made life size for her *q* haha
so Im kinda proud about this achievement.
I just hope next time I could sew much better and tidier Amen!

thanks for viewing guys ^^


Adriane Yuanita said...

cakeeep ///w///
always a fan of bjd but puking blood hearing how much it cost, definitely my tertiary needs right now orz
jadi pengen liat aslinya... trus pegang2 *eh*

Archie-The-RedCat said...

I recomended jangan deh kalo masih sibuk dihal hal lain.
dunia ini lumayan bikin jungkir balik soalnya.. *A*
beli satu jadi pingin 2,punya 2 jadi pingin 3
belom ntar ngegalau soal propsnya.
semuanya menggiurkan, minta diborong.. ;_;
berkat Nalika kerjaan jadi terlantar.. >A<