Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ball Jointed Doll

so I decide to be active on blogger again.
just because Facebook are suck to says whats on your mind with out being judge lol..

this blog are quite deserted and seldom people visiting (probably only you Ces  :P )
so I kinda feel save here.. haha
but because I  already made some FB page for my art. then I will be focusing this blog for my doll only.

I have tons to tell and write here. fufufufu

yesterday me and buddies hangout together, in the past they are all my comrade who are try to be aspiring comic artist ,but in the end choose different path.
(only me who are still struggling to be comic artist  ; _;  sob )
also my buddies have other interest now, like celeb gossips, boys band, TV series and stuff while I dont have any?
its make me feel like im kinda dry ya know.
but then I realize, hey I know what makes me excited beside comic and art.

its BJD hobbies! anything that connect me with BJD are make me so happy, sewing, sculpting, crafting, and even photo shoot with my crappy digital camera, haha
so why not I write about it in my blog??

the last time I write something about  BJD are more that a year Ago, so what happen?

well I have 2 additional BJD beside Nalika , its Myu and Eclair
Myu Kiddelf Aru

Eclair Kiddelf Coco

I also verymuch in love with making  and sculpting my own handmade BJD, I already finish 2 of them
its Yue (from living doll sculpey ) and Paw (from DAS air dry clay )

Yue and Paw, Best Friend Forever.

I also still have plenti of WIPs of my dolls, some are almost finish, many are neglected, but here is my curent BJD project. Alit, Layung and Indygo



that's all so far, I will planing to write about them one by one to introduce them to you guys :)
probably nobody care, lol

adios amigos!
see you then :)

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